Monday, June 12, 2006

The weather was hot, a-nearly 90 degrees

Ahhhhrrggh. I've deleted my post..Bloody thing. Its far too hot for me to even blog properly and it's fuckin' easy to blog. So this is a second draft from my head...and it doesn't feel as good as the first one.

Weather is far too hot to do any work. In fact it has made me reassess the real value of the England team performance at the weekend. The first half of my day I was all proactive and stuff, producing real "management solutions" (TM, official business speak). Now I have spent all afternoon in a pool of sweat wondering about nothing. No wonder the England team melted away in the 2nd half, it is exactly what is happening to my brain. Still no excuses for the shambolic management decisions taken by Sven in the 2nd half though. Unless he caught the sun while he was sunbathing...naked. You know he does it, he is Swedish after all. Now try and get the mental image out of your can't can you. Now ask yourself this, why did Ulrika choose to see this image for real?

My article on the Zutons' new album, Tired of Hanging Around has been syndicated to In turn it was syndicated to a group of regional US websites which means that hicks in the middle of America (ie: the Red States) are now reading my review. This is most amusing. See an example from Cleveland here (you'll need to scroll down).

Day of the Locusts

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RG said...

that f.... hot??!! and i was hoping to get some cool fresh englander air in cardiff...

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