Friday, December 15, 2006

If God's on our side

Yesterday I put up a link to an article I wrote about Southampton FC. I mentioned Matthew Le Tissier who was possibly the most talented and underrated footballer ever to have graced the Premiership, he was a legend and a gentleman and not driven by money like so many of the modern players are today. Here are his best 10 goals courtesy of YouTube. Enjoy. Many of you reading this from abroad won't have heard of him, but he was absolutely amazing - he should have been an England regular. Hell, they should have built the entire team around him. His nickname at Southampton was 'Le God'.

He scored some great goals, there are possibly twenty or thirty which should have been included. He only ever missed one penalty in his professional career. My favourites are the one vs Blackburn and both of the goals vs Newcastle. Although the one vs Arsenal in the final match at Southampton's old stadium was something special. He had the romance element of football down to a tee.

In other news I went to see a band called Second Sense. Read all about it here.

With God on Our Side


Yer old dad said...

Oi, where are the goals scored direct from corner kicks? that was a le Tiss speciality you don't see very often (well, your brother can do it sometimes, but there is a slight difference in levels of football...)

Will said...

My God, I'd forgotten how awesome he was.

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