Monday, July 10, 2006

Lord, she took it away to Italy

Well done to Italy on their World Cup win. I think that on balance they were the team that most deserved this victory. Their play in the knock-out stages has been exceptional. Boo-hiss to Zidane who is quite obviously retarded. If you get so wound up that you have to headbutt someone then something is terribly wrong. I mean at any level of football there are people winding you up - it is part of the game. What an idiot. And people keep saying how it is so out of character and they may be right but I remember that in the World Cup of 1998 he stamped on the chest of a Saudi Arabian player and was sent off but I seem to be the only one who remembers that... People have selective memories - especially French people.

So back to the domestic league soon. In a way it is always nice to get back to the normality of a domestic league after a world cup or euro competition. You may remeber that I support Southampton FC and you may remember that I wrote a post on Rupert Lowe, the most inept chief executive of a football club since records began. Well he left his post a few days ago and we've got new management and one of the first things they did was to buy Sean Wright Phillips' younger brother Bradley. This is a good move and I wish him the best. Let's hope that it marks a new beginning for the club. First match is August 6 2006 (only 3 and a bit weeks away) against Derby (away). Let's hope that we can play better than England did and return to our rightful place in the Premiership.

Read this review of Primal Scream's Riot City Blues. Its a rock and roll record and it is great.

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suyi said...

I can clearly tell how much you know about football by reading the first few lines of your drooling essay.

Italy was just ok, they won the cup doesnt not mean anything else.

RG said...

italy is the champion of thye world

it means nothing else is to say about it

Check me out, if you dare