Monday, July 24, 2006

Well, the comic book and me, just us, we caught the bus.

I went to see Superman Returns at the weekend. It was OK, nice special effects and an enjoyable action film. The trouble is that he is too strong, the only thing that gets him is Kryptonite so every film/comic/cartoon has featured the radioactive rock/crystal as the key to the story. Gets a bit boring after a while.
Otherwise he is so strong that it gets dull - even the Terminator would loose in a fight against the Superman. And probably the Alien, Predator, Spiderman, Batman, Catwoman - All of them would die in a fight against Superman.
I prefer Batman. What he's achieved is down to hard work, engineering, the gym and a very big inheritance (probably that is the key factor here - even in Superhero world money is a driving force). Superman just has it all - it is far too easy.


Will said...

It's true - and even Kryptonite does fuckall damage to him. If bringing him to an island made out of the stuff and then stabbing him with a Kryptonite dagger isn't enough, what else is left?

RG said...

i like batman better

Anonymous said...

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