Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Cross me a-off your list

There is this blog here where the author lists stuff. So in the true spirit of the internet, i've ripped off the idea and I am claiming it for myself.

Today we have the top 15 Dylan songs that did not appear on any of the best-ofs (two volumes), any of the greatest hits (all three volumes) or indeed on the Essential Bob Dylan album. At my count that is 58 seperate songs that I cannot choose from. Yet...there are still some good choices in here. Amazingly 'Visions of Johanna' and 'Desolation Row' have not appeared on a best-of, probably because they are too "hard core" for first-time listeners. 'Blind Willie McTell' is the best Dylan song that he chose not to release (initially, at least), 'Boots of Spanish Leather' is so lovely a song that it would make any Bob Dylan top 15. And to think that there are 58 other songs that are deemed more worthy!

1. 'Visions of Johanna', Blonde on Blonde
2. 'Blind Willie McTell', Bootleg Series vol 1 to 3
3. 'Desolation Row', Highway 61 Revisited
4. 'Boots of Spanish Leather', The Times They Are A-Changin’
5. 'Angelina', Bootleg Series vol 1 to 3
6. 'You’re a Big Girl Now', Blood on the Tracks
7. 'Isis', Desire
8. 'Workingman Blues No2', Modern Times
9. '4th Time Around', Blonde on Blonde
10. 'Cold Irons Bound', Time out of Mind / Masked & Anonymous OST
11. 'The Ballad of Frankie Lee & Judas Priest', John Wesley Harding
12. 'If You See Her, Say Hello', Blood on the Tracks
13. 'Black Diamond Bay', Desire
14. 'Most of the Time', Oh Mercy
15. 'The Man in Me', New Morning

If you disagree with me..post a comment and let me know! In case you're asking yourself this question....A top 15 because it is more than 10 but not quite 20.

Some other stuff that i've written which is of interest (hopefully), a review of Modern Times (which includes number 8 in the list!), some photos and text from the worldwide book launch of U2's U2 by U2 from Waterstones in Piccadilly. I've also got a live review of the Rolling Stones from Twickenham in August.


Paolo Vites said...

9. '4th Time Around', Blonde on Blonde
10. 'Cold Irons Bound', Time out of Mind / Masked & Anonymous OST


Rockbeatstone said...

A fine idea Jimmy, but surely Isis has to rate above Angelina!

Or perhaps my fetish for Desire is clouding my judgement.

Will said...

Black Diamond Bay?!?!? Explain!

Otherwise good selection, but I'd suggest:

- She's Your Lover Now (Bootleg Series 1-3 full band version)
- It Takes a Lot to Laugh
- Sign on the Cross
- Buckets of Rain
- Mississipi

Orange_Gearle said...

Vision of J is my absolute favorite Dylan song (today, but I guess it changes pretty much as quickly as the iPod shuffles to another).

Although I love Workingman Blues No2, I dont' think you can put thatone the list because it hasn't had a chance to be on a best of album, right? :-)

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