Monday, October 09, 2006

The changes I was going through can't even be used

Hello there and welcome to the all new blogger beta He Not Bust Being Born is Busy Dying blog. I hope you like, as Borat would say. There are some new features, including the ability to 'tag' my posts. Before you head straight for the comment box and ask me why I don't have a tag for 'bollocks' and 'time-wasting rubbish', I've only gone back to the last twenty five odd posts and added tags because it will take me ages to do it to everysingle post. Anyway, the only posts that I have which could be considered 'bollocks' are from a long, long time ago as Don McClean sang. Anyway you can now view my posts by 'tag' topic, see the top right hand corner. Music comes out on top, which doesn't surprise me.

I also have this new sporty stripe/arrow thing going on which makes my blog look super sexy and speedy and on the cutting edge of blogland. These arrow based themes are here to blind you from the fact that I haven't updated this blog in ages and when I do the posts are boring. There are also a load of changes to editing and stuff which supposedly makes things easier, although it wasn't too difficult before. But that's boring which I guess is proving the point I just made. One thing that they should get is an automatic spell checker which changed the lower case 'i' to 'I'. That's dead annoying to change, especially when coming to type here just after having used word.

Otherwise, it is the usual old rubbish, with a title which is taken from a Dylan song. You can see which song it is at the end of the post, in this case it is 'Ballad in Plain D'. The title refers to the fact that this blog has undergone changes in the past which are now irrelevant. Or something. Anyway when I decided to start the blog, I knew that these titles would become less and less relevant to the content, but I've been doing this since January, so I can't stop now.

Here is a review of Johnny Cash's last release, American V: A Hundred Highways. I also went to see 'Heart of Gold' in the only public London showing (as far as I can tell). This is the beautiful concert film Neil Young made just after he had a brain anneurysm last year.

Ballad in Plain D


Paolo Vites said...

whats this s... i cant read your blog anymore... give us back the old!

James K said...

What for real? You can't read it?

Paolo Vites said...

yep, some blogs, marcel blog too.. cant read it with safari, all the typings is in reverse... and if i use explorer everything is fucked up here and there (can read it tho)

Will said...

That's why I've been resisting Blogger Beta, it sounds a bit fucked. Apparently there are problems with commenting on other people's blogs if you're Beta-ed up, or something? Betas have become ways to chuck out a half-arsed half-finished piece of shit and get people to test it for you for free. imo.

The tagging is totally sweet though.

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