Monday, January 22, 2007

With music in my ears

2006 was a great year for music. But 2007 will be better:

In March there’s the new Arcade Fire, Neon Bible. Then there’s the new Arctic Monkeys coming out. In April we’ve got the new Maximo Park album , in May the new Wilco Blue-Sky Blue of which I am very excited.

There’s also The Shins second offering, Radiohead’s new album, the Smashing Pumpkins reunion record and Black Rebel Motorcycle’s fourth album.

Loads to look forward to. Rock on kids.

Went to see the Gypsy


PV said...

geeez... i dont know why suddenly i feel so depressed

James K said...

Care to add any to the list Paolo?

Any records that you're looking forward to?

thats Paolo said...

didnt mean to be a smartass, jimmy, sorry

there is nothing like rock music to divide generations...

anyway, i was lucky enough to hear some albums that are still not out, like Lucinda Williams (her best ever), Nick Cave's Grinderman (like a jon spencer blues explosion kind of thing, excellent), rickie lee jones (Exposition on Sermon Boulevard, like Patti Smith gone to Los Angeles, wonderful)

of course i'm looking forward to the Wilco one, cant wait for that one

James K said...

I'll definately be getting the Grinderman CD, I forgot to add that to the list.

I'll check out the Lucinda Williams stuff as well.

Check me out, if you dare