Monday, June 11, 2007

Paint the daytime black

I couldn't resist. I just couldn't. I'm such a weak person. I had to find out how it all ended. And I did this morning via the net. I haven't seen the ending myself yet, but it appears to me to be the best possible ending for a series of the Sopranos stature. It will certainly remain one of the most talked about TV series endings of all time. I know some would have wanted a more conventional ending, but it really had to be something bizarre, weird and brilliant to live up to the previous 85 episodes. I have my own theories about what the ending represents and what it is all about but will wait until I see it for real before commenting.

I can't wait until they decide to show this to us in the UK or it is released on DVD. So farewell Tony and his family (genetic and criminal). I will miss you loads but will return to this series as an old friend probably for the rest of my life. It truly is the Shakespeare of television, there is no other series that can even get close.

I'd like to thank David Chase and HBO for a superb series. I wonder if he'll do another programme in the future? He obviously has the talent and now the clout behind him to do whatever he pleases, I hope that he'll come back with a TV series equally as strong, but I know deep in my heart that he'll never be able to touch the levels of genius that was the Sopranos.

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