Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Sing 'Amazing Grace' all the way to the Swiss banks

Yo! Yo! Yo! Internet. I've been away from my blog as I've really had nothing to say and/or been too busy to say it.

But a few nights ago, my housemate and I were watching some telly (TV for you yanks). In the UK at the moment there is a tendency to have adverts with "normal" guys singing along to a famous tune or revised famous tune. The two that automatically spring to mind are the AA for their roadside assistance advert where they are all singing 'See You Again', and Halifax who take normal songs and add their own words to it.

They are complete and utter bull and always turn me off. I don't know why they do these adverts - they are annoying to the extreme and always make me leave the room or shout obscenities at the screen. Halifax even has a minor celebrity called Howard who has been made semi-famous by his singing. He briefly appeared in the Xmas special of the Office, for the fans of the show out there. His photo is above.

In one of the Halifax ones (yes, they have a number of them), they are covering some RnB shite for shite song and at one bit the dancers in the background (dressed in the Halifax uniform) start pounding their behinds in a fashion reminiscent of a modern MTV video. WTF? I mean, would you trust your hard earned money to a bunch of sexual deviants? Quite possibly the worst advert ever for a bank.

Some stuff I've been writing recently. There's a review of Wilco at Shepherds Bush Empire, a review of the Traveling Wilburys Collection, a review of a new band called the Outside Royalty who are wicked, and some random track reviews. I hope you all enjoy. Coming up are reviews of Art Brut at the Astoria and Bruce Springsteen's recent CD/DVD release.

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