Tuesday, July 03, 2007

For another plate of food

Metro newspaper in London had this story which Ananova is running, in their informative 'Quirkies' section of their news service.

A guest stunned hotel staff by scoffing 15 fried breakfasts in one sitting.

Businessman Barry Bradley, 47, paid £7.50 for the 'all you can eat' grease mountain, which took more than three hours to devour.

He gobbled up at least 30 sausages, 20 rashers of bacon, 15 fried eggs and three tins of beans, reports Metro.

He even topped it off with six bowls of cereal at the Premier Travel Inn in Tonbridge, Kent.
A waitress said: "We couldn't believe it - he looked like he was never going to stop."

I've also written some stuff. A review of the new Bruce Springsteen album and a review of Mumm-Ra's debut album. Please read them if you're interested in what I have to say about them.

One More Cup of Coffee (Valley Below)


Will said...

That is total value for money.

Paolo Vites said...

yep - who is going to listen to the studio seeger sessions album now? i'm going to sell it, in fact

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