Thursday, January 10, 2008

Bring the whole family

The government today announced that it is to plough ahead with new nuclear power stations. I do not agree with this policy at all and can see numerous issues surrounding security and the proposed 'enviornomental' benefits of Nuclear power vs traditional power generation. And the nuclear body seems hell bent on telling us all that wind/wave/solar are too unstable and expensive options.

But their might be a little bit more behind this decision. Gordon Brown, PM has a younger brother called Andrew Brown who happens to work for EDF Energy, the UK subsidary of the French state owned energy company that is proposing to build new nuclear plants in the UK. You can read more about how the Nuclear Power lobby has muscled its way into government's machinery at this website here.

What pisses me off is that this is surely such a large issue worthy of proper debate and decision making that we could be making a decision which impacts on humanity in millions of years to come and it all might be coming down to who knows who. People tell me I am naive and idealistic, but surely there are some areas in politics which are out of bounds.

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