Friday, May 25, 2007

Had no idea what kinda shit was about to go down

Sometimes I wonder what the point of a blog is. I mean, I’m a nobody who is spouting a load of shite.

I’ve also been having difficulty recently in finding any inspiration of topics to write on. I mean, look at yesterday’s post, that was a bloody joke.

I’m not even inspired to rip-off some internet find and pretend that it is my discovery.

But then I thought, it’s alright, it’s OK, just write about how you’ve got no inspiration.

Boom, there goes another Internet milestone. However, having read many blogs over the last couple of years it appears that this is a subject that many like to write about. In fact it’s probably in the top five topics for blogging (number two to be precise):

1. George W. Bush.
2. “I’ve no inspiration” blog post.
3. Paris Hilton.
4. The Iraq War.
5. Google.

I made that list up, by the way.

Nick Cave has done much the same thing, although he did it in the medium he knows best, song. ‘There She Goes My Beautiful World’ is a song about his muse not providing any inspiration – paradoxically she does of course because he writes a song about it. However, I seem to be veering into a proper blog-post territory now so should abandon this train of thought.

Why is it that such brilliant books/songs/poems were written thanks to streams of consciousness, whereas all I can muster are a few piss-poor gags and ramblings about nothing when I try?

Long weekend in the UK. I’m going to get trollied tonight (and for three days after!). This should be fun. Let's hope it provides me with some inspiration.


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Paolo Vites said...

i dont even have the inspiration for writing a comment, go figure it.....

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