Friday, May 04, 2007

There was music in the cafes at night

Hello, this is an advert for my gig night. If you live in London, come down to the Windmill. It will be fun. In other music related news, I've written a review of Treecreeper's debut Grain.

FRIDAY 1st JUNE, Doors 8pm (tickets are £4 on the door or available in advance from here) @ the Windmill in Brixton (click here for a map).

Fresh from bringing Prinzhorn Dance School to the Windmill in March, Backstreets is, erm, back and bringing you some of the most exciting bands in London. Backstreets is brought to you in association with Rockbeatstone Magazine.

THE MULES (Oxford/London) what's come to be known as electrobilly – punky and funky country music with gypsy folk and post-rock thrown in for a bit of spice, but, overall, their music defies categorisation. The band's debut album was released in March to widespread critical acclaim and their song, 'We're Good People' was remixed by Brazilian hipsters, CSS. Their unique sound will make you shake your ass in wild abandon.

MISSISSIPPI WITCH (London) ...caused quite a stir last year with the release of their debut single 'Just for Roosevelt' which was regularly featured on Xfm (John Kennedy's show). This two piece, originally from the hinterland regions of mid-USA, sound like the White Stripes, the Blues Explosion and Captain Beefheart rolled into one. Expect your ears to bleed.

THE WIRE (Brighton/London)This band originally from Brighton but now based in Brixton, will be coming to this gig fresh from the Great Escape Festival in Brighton, and this is only their third concert ever! The Wire combine indie, soul and electronica to devastating effect and their energetic live set brilliantly busts through genres to create a unique sound.

STASH (London)...far from a subdued opening act. Mixing the Ramones with elements of Jimi Hendrix, they should provide enough noise to blast you punters into the party spirit. Quiet they are not.

More information from Rockbeatstone or the Backstreets MySpace

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