Friday, May 11, 2007

I'm glad to see you're still alive, you're lookin' like a saint

This weekend sees my football team, Southampton FC take part in the playoffs. For those outside of the UK who are reading this blog it is a kind-of mini-tournament where the winner gains promotion to the Premier League. Our first match is tomorrow at St Mary's stadium, and I for one cannot wait. However, I am also a little nervous. In fact I'm nervous as hell. The rest of the season is now completely irrelevant. Our entire season now hinges on us getting through three matches.

There is a good omen however, our manager, George Burely was the last manager to win a playoff at the old Wembley Stadium, so here's to hoping that he can be the first at the new stadium. See the photo of him below shouting out orders.

This season our young team has done bloody well. We are well respected by football commentators and the other managers for playing flowing, passing football (which to be honest is a rarity in the Championship) and we've by far got the best talent. The only thing that has let us down is our defence which has leaked too many goals for my liking. Players of the season for me have been George Rasiak and Gareth Bale. (See photos below).

In other news, when I went out at lunchtime, there were a multitude of TV cameras and journalists outside a building. Apparently, Gordon Brown had just launched his campaign to be elected leader of Labour and thus Prime Minister. It took place in a building next to a building-site, which I guess could hold some relevance and symbolism, although I'm struggling to think what that could be. Anyway, I'm getting to the age where I believe that politics has lost any relevance to my life and almost always fails to change anything for the better. As the Kaiser Chiefs sing, "Everything is average Nowadays".

Also if you thought my review of Wilco's Sky Blue Sky was good then read this one from the Guardian. They do a minute-by-minute look at one album every week which makes for a very particular and comedic review. Here is the concluding paragraph on Sky Blue Sky. (PS: It's out on Monday so go and buy it).

Imagine a lazy, if devilishly handsome and talented boyfriend, moping around the house, making excuses for his lameness, only to allow occasional flashes of his former loveliness to break through his listlessness. And then, when you're almost to the end of your tether, he only bloody goes and gives you the greatest kiss of your life. Wilco, you're maddening!

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