Thursday, April 20, 2006

Too much of nothing

I am sorry that I haven't been updating this as regularly as I think I should. A case of the writers block, sometimes you really can have too much of nothing...
I didn't want this to become a mundane blog full of a load of bollocks along the lines of "had a hard boiled egg for breakfast, it was nice". I don't think I have the energy for such rubbish posts. Don't know what it is at the moment, i'm finding it hard to muster the energy for anything.

Been spending a bit of my spare time over at Rockbeatstone, writing blog posts, reviews and helping the editor Dan out. We're looking for contributors so if you fancy writing about rock and roll then please drop us a line.
Hopefully soon I will have something funny and witty to say for this blog. Until then..chin up. You can always enjoy the links to the MP3's to the right, hit refresh a thousand times to see what books I have in my collection (also see bar to the right). Or you can click on some of my links to read my old articles, see some cool websites and read other interesting blogs (in fact far more interesting blogs..)

Too Much of Nothing


jpt said...

Curiously, the title of this post, as well as being a Dylan lyic, is also a Spice Girls lyric.

This may say something deeply profound about the intricate karmic links between genius drivel. Or it might be a coincidence.

James K said...

I think it quite obviously is something profound. The Spice Girls are clearly giving a nod to old Bob whom they have used as a musical template for their successful and rewarding muscial careers.

Lux said...

I´ve just adored this man!!! no bull...I´m trying to keep up my blog thing without this pathetic I woke up today and stayed in bed for extra 5 minutes until blah blah blah...lil by lil I´m gonna read ur stuff muahhhhhhhhhhhh


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