Friday, April 28, 2006

they whisper of escapades out on the "D" train

Old tube map

I realise that working on the underground isn’t exactly the best job in the world. But I can think of a lot worse jobs. They get good pay packages (compared to other transport workers) and have some excellent holiday perks (between 35 and 50 days a year depending on the position). So I do kind of get pissed off that many are unfriendly, unhelpful and generally just a bunch of bastards.

But there are two workers who go that extra mile. The first one is at Oval tube station where he is in charge of announcing the trains, their destination, etc.. in the morning. He always loves to wax lyrical about the train and passenger etiquette, “…as a common courtesy to your fellow passengers, please allow people off the train first…”. Where as anyone else will just say “the next train is for Mill Hill East” and leave it at that. He walks the platform night and day and seems to love to talk.

The second is perhaps the tube’s only worker/comedian. Stationed at Goodge Street, he is in charge of the lifts in the morning and will always crack a joke and wish everyone a good day/weekend. He also loves to talk to people until they answer him. Most are uninterested and will try and blank him out in that stereotypical London manner. He is funny though because he keeps trying even though the majority of the lift just want to go to work and not pay any attention to him and other people.

These two people are the first recipients of my henotbusybeingbornisbusydying merit badge. Hopefully other transport for London workers will now be motivated to be a bit more helpful and a bit less sulky.

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Will said...

I'd like to nominate two more: firstly, the Northbound Victoria Line platform announcer at Victoria, who's there around 9 - 9.30am. The man puts a lot of effort into pronouncing his words with both clarity and feeling, and it's a joy to listen to him.

The second is the stationmaster at Oval, who not only keeps the place spick and span, but also puts up a Thought of the Day on the noticeboard to inspire people on their way to work. Lush.

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