Wednesday, May 24, 2006

She got movies inside her head

There are some adverts which just shouldn’t be displayed next to each other. As seen on the tube today, there is an advert for the children’s film (or adult film, it’s so hard to know nowadays with almost the entire adult population going mad over Harry Potter) Curious George. There is nothing wrong with this apart from the fact that Will Ferrell is in it and there are songs by Jack Johnson (or John Jackson, again I get confused).
But what makes this wrong is the fact that it is placed right bang next to United 93. This film is based around the events of September 11 and the hijacking of a plane. And this isn’t an isolated case, every single tube station has this advert combination. It just seems a bit...I don't know...wrong and weird. Imagine if you were deeply affected by September 11 and then you have this advert reminding you of the event while a massive monkey face is smiling right at you. Wouldn't that upset you?

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