Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Advertising Brotherhood

What the hell is nutrilium?

Made up words in adverts annoy me. They annoy me because I know that they have been put in there to sound scientific and real, when everyone knows they are all made up. Shampoo and women’s beauty products are the worst for this kind of thing

I hate those graphics as well. A load of rubbish, weird red and yellow balls combining then penetrating the hair which looks so clean and silky that it doesn’t require any shampoo at all.

Is it just me or are all adverts just rubbish nowadays. I remember when I was younger, some of the adverts used to make me laugh and laugh. Now it seems that adverts in the UK have succumbed to the European disease: it is all about sex or irritating old men who should have retired. All adverts have to have some bint who is hot being sexy or they have to be deeply annoying like that one with Michael Winner who goes “calm down dear” every two seconds. I hate that advert as well. Blogs = outpost for letting off steam.

I've written some stuff at rockbeatstone. A review of Primal Scream at the Astoria, a review of Morrissey's new album, 'Ring Leader of the Tormentors' and a review of the Arctic Monkey's new EP. I've also compiled the second Rockbeatstone TV programme as well.

Bob Dylan's 115th Dream

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