Monday, May 08, 2006

What I want to know, Mr. Football Man

Breaking news!

What I want to know Sven is why you are quite obviously going bonkers. Four strikers in the squad = dangerous tactics, especially when two are currently nursing a broken foot, one has never played Premiership football and the other is Peter Crouch.

The naming of the national football team traditionally marks the beginning of silly season. The world cup is 32 days away. If you are a lady or American you may want to go into hiding, the world’s greatest football (that’s soccer to you friendly yanks) competition will be everywhere – even on the internet.

Fingers crossed that Sven isn’t drunk and that his decisions are part of some tactical masterplan. If he’s half as good with his tactics as he is with the ladies then we’ve got a chance. The only problem is that as I type the above sentence, I know that he isn’t. I am more and more worried about our chances. A few months ago I did say that we had a good chance, now with Rooney injured and some bizarre choices in the squad I am worried that we’re not even going to get close to that trophy. When asked about how he came to the decision on choosing his strikers Sven said (yes this is true) :
"Probably not too logically. Sometimes you do it on feelings as well and I am excited about Theo Walcott."
Let us just hope that he is talking about football. I guess we’ll have to just wait and see. One thing that is for sure, if David Beckham, Sven, Rooney or Walcott do so much as fart in public it will become front-page news. The World Cup is the time when everyone has an opinion on football. And that is a very sad thing, especially when people who have never even watched a game properly before start shouting their mouths off with formations, interesting factoids that they've picked up from Mrs Biggins at the corner shop, and other banalities that will have been said on BBC One's Breakfast news.

There are some more music reviews that I’ve done. Adem is Nu-folk and the Charlatans are currently Nu-funk (I guess). Read my reviews at Rockbeatstone. There’s also been some exciting design modifications with a new front page.

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