Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I glanced at my guitar

So on Saturday, as well as seeing the Hunter S. Thompson photo exhibition, I also went to Harrods for the first time in my life to visit the Harrods Rocks! Guitar exhibition.

First of all Harrods is a horrible place. It was full of Italian tourists, not really knowing why they were there, or indeed having the money to buy anything in the shop (seeing as the shop seem to be selling everything under the sun, almost all of which would be cheaper in sunny Italy, why would you bother with Harrods?).

So I spent about twenty minutes trying to find out where the hell this exhibition was. The shop is like a labyrinth and it is done on purpose so you don’t find the exit and can’t leave. I’m sure that some of those tourists had been there since 1983. So after walking in circles through the perfume section and then the baggage section, I finally found a sign indicating that the exhibition was on the second floor.

I used the escalator, but not just any escalator – it was the ‘Dodi and Diana’ escalator, probably the tackiest tribute to the “People’s Princess” (© Tony Blair, UK Prime Minister & warmonger) ever. Basically it is an escalator that allows you to access the upper-floors (wow!) and it has the last glass that Diana drank from behind some glass at the foot of it. I nearly cried. No really I nearly did, but I think it was the over-bearing smell from the perfume and cosmetic sections piercing through my eyes and nasal passage.

Eventually, after riding Dodi and Diana for what seemed like years, I got to the second floor and the exhibition proper. There were loads of guitars on display. Some musicians had painted and decorated guitars for the display including Bono. There were also some signed guitars by Keith Richards, Bo Diddley and one signed by Jimi Hendrix, guitar legend (© music writers everywhere). There were also lots of custom made guitars in weird shapes and sizes and these were interesting too.

Perhaps the highlight was the world’s first electric guitar, a 1931 Rickenbacker 'Frying Pan'. It is the first time that this has been on display outside of the USA. They also had all the classic guitars, like Fenders from the 1960s.

Harrods were also putting on a series of musical events at the show. When I chose to visit on Saturday afternoon, I was lucky enough to be there for an appearance by Rick Parfitt, the guitarist from Status Quo. There were many fifty year old men with comedy mullets and perms waiting for him to grace the stage. When the compere came out and told me that he’d be performing, I quickly tried to made an exit. Although this being Harrods it was extremely difficult.

On the way out I also managed to catch a glimpse of Ron Wood’s paintings which were on display. He had some pictures of the Stones members which were really cool. There were also some amazing rock photos from Reuters, although quite why they included Robbie Williams in their photo-display is beyond me - has he ever picked up a guitar?

I found the lift and managed to leave without hearing any Status Quo. The guitars will now be moving onto Dublin and Paris. So if you live in those fair cities, you’ll have a chance to see these wonderful guitars too.

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