Thursday, February 15, 2007

Odds and Ends

I received a huge amount of hits on my post yesterday about Bob Dylan’s love songs because I submitted it to Expecting Rain, the only website worth visiting for news on Bob Dylan. There were quite a few comments and suggestions. I had, of course, forgotten about some amazing songs that I could have included, including ‘Tomorrow is a Long Time’. I don’t know why but I did completely forget this song but I should have included it in my list. Listen to it here and read some of the lyrics below.

“There's beauty in the silver, singin' river,
There's beauty in the sunrise in the sky,
But none of these and nothing else can touch the beauty
That I remember in my true love's eyes.
Yes, and only if my own true love was waitin',
Yes, and if I could hear her heart a-softly poundin',
Only if she was lyin' by me,
Then I'd lie in my bed once again.”

Thanks to the people who commented and made some suggestions of songs that I had omitted. There are loads of other songs that I could have added, including, ‘Wedding Song’, ‘You’re Gonna’ Make Me Lonesome When You Go’, ‘If You See Her, Say Hello’ and all of the other songs off Blood on The Tracks. ‘She’s Your Lover Now’, the song from which I took the title of my post, could also have been included, ‘Love is Just a Four-Letter Word’, as well as the beautifully sad poetry that is ‘To Ramona’. I could spend all day listing his amazing “love” songs. So I won’t. But I will be listening to some of these songs tonight.

Odds and Ends

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