Friday, February 02, 2007

The world's being slaughtered and it's such a bloody disgrace

Today in London it is 11 degrees. It is the 2nd of February.

That’s all I need to know that our weather patterns are fucked up and that it is probably due to climate change.

Still some scientists (mainly ones whose funding is controlled by large oil companies) are still in denial about it and many suggest that it is a natural phenomena.

However, today the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) concluded in its fourth report that it is more than 90% certain that climate change is happening due to human activity.

So really there’s no reason to deny that it is happening, nor that it is our fault. But what can we do? Many people are religious in their green fervour, it is the new trendy thing to be seen to be doing, however, they then take six short-haul flights a year to Manchester or Paris or Brussles or wherever. The only conclusion that I have reached is that we are fucked. It’s far too late to do anything serious about it and half the world is entering a new industrial revolution.

I cannot be anything but a pessimist about this issue. I’m sorry. It is more than likely that my generation’s grandchildren will have a worse standard of living than previous generations. And surely as a human race isn’t that a bit sad?

It’s a bit like the Middle Ages coming after the Roman Empire – bizarre frankly. Still I’m sure that there are still scientists disputing the IPCC and that we’ll hear all from them over the next few days. Doesn’t do much good for their future grandchildren though does it?

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