Tuesday, February 06, 2007

You've been avoiding the main streets for a long, long while

I've been pretty busy organising a band night for Rockbeatstone. It will be called "Backstreets" and will feature some pretty exciting bands. I'm going to use this blog to shamelessly plug the night. In other website news, we shall shortly be having a revamp of the site with some exciting new features, or at least slightly modified features and some different colours.

But back to the band night. Backstreets will take place on Friday 2nd March at the Windmill in Brixton. Entrance is £4 and the doors are 8pm. It will be fun, so if you're in London and unsure what to do then please do come down. Here is the line-up, and I will also be playing some records if I find the time.

The Furies


The Red Fishes

Adam from the Tailors (solo)

Something's Burning Baby

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Will said...

I hope Adam from The Tailors (solo) isn't their maracas player.

Check me out, if you dare