Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Dignity never been photographed

One of my best friends from school is a Canadian bird called Bree (yes, she is named after a cheese). She's been living out in East Timor, the youngest nation on the planet, doing amazing stuff out there with the UN while a civil war rages. She is a true kind soul with not a bad bone in her body. Yes, she is often hyperactive and unable to stop speaking, but apart from that she's cool and I love her to bits (as a friend, before you start mocking me like you probably did at primary school).

While she was out in Timor, she met a Scottish guy called Robin who was a photographer. He sadly and unexpectedly passed away. In order to honour him and his work, Bree has set up a website with his photos. It would be great if you could take a peek. He really was an amazing photographer and they will move you. She's got some slideshows and stuff sorted on there as well.

Check out the website here.


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