Thursday, April 05, 2007

Is to say I've been hittin' some hard travelin' too

As you may remember, my youngest brother has decided to go travelling. He’s just finished his stint at a farm/factory farm in Mildura, Victoria, close to the border with New South Wales. It’s basically a remote Australian town. On their website they helpfully list all of the town’s facilites such as petrol stations and banks. As you’d expect from an Australian Town, the section on Arts, Heritage and Culture is particularly weak…

I haven’t heard/spoken to him in months. But he did find the time to send me a link to his travelblog. So this is basically a photo montage of all the exciting things he’s been doing in Australia for the last six months.

And it only has three photos, one of him on a forklift truck, one of a kangaroo road sign and one of him in a pub drinking with his mates.

What a complete and utter tosser – he’s not even bothered to send me any real news or real photos. I hope that he’s done more than that in his six months! Idiot.

[note: do you see my jealous streak coming out?]

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