Thursday, April 12, 2007

Do you remember where you been?

In case people are wondering what i've been upto... I am still alive.

Firstly I assulted a grandmother who was close to getting the last £3 primark T-shirt in the new shop on Oxford Street. I was arrested and thrown in prison for a while. When I was released I went to County Durham to attend an unofficial Skins party I saw on MySpace. In case you're wondering, I was the one who urinated on the wedding dress.

No really, I went to Amsterdam to see Bob Dylan. I had a wicked time, met lots of Dylan friends and spent most of my time in pubs and other local establishments. I've drank so much over the last few days, I think my body will soon give up on me.

Then I returned to the UK to celebrate my birthday with friends in my local. I got some cool presents like some model Meerkats, the Extras DVD boxset and the Big Lebowski on DVD (I only previously had it on video, but my copy is worn out, so that's nice).

Tonight I'm going to see the Arctic Monkeys at the Astoria. Bring it on. I've also finally had my review of the best gig of the year, Arcade Fire, published over at Rockbeatstone.

Rita May

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