Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Even the bloodhounds of London couldn't find you today

Some random thoughts from Dylan's two concerts at Wembley... this is not a review.

1) After treating me like a piece of shit at Bruce Springsteen last year, the security were at it again, accusing me of smoking cannabis in front of the venue when it quite clearly was a rolled up cigarette and despite there being no smell of pot anywhere. I almost got thrown out before I had even entered the gig. What a bunch of tossers. It seems as if all they need is a yellow jacket (which ironically had 'customer support' written on the back) to become complete and utter nazis. I hate them with a passion.

2) There is a deaf guy who goes to Dylan concerts and has all the lyrics printed out from the website. I guess this is how he follows the songs.

3) Dylan fans are a crazy bunch - from wild old hippies, to people entering their mid-life crisis to some of the most beautiful young women in the world. Odd mix of people.

4) There was a pissed-up Scottish bird shouting Dylan related football chants before the show. This was funny.

5) One of Dylan's roadies has a serious limp in their left leg.

6) Dylan's concerts are the only ones where they burn incense on the stage throughout (at least out of all the concerts I have been to)

7)'It's Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)' (from where the title to this blog is taken) is always an excellent song. I think that it is impossible for me not to enjoy it live.

8) 'Ain't Talkin' is now my favourite song from Modern Times. It was great last night.

9) Wembley Arena's pricing is ridiculous - £6 for chicken and chips, £3.50 for a crappy hotdog. Bollocks to that!

10) Frederica, is a woman who goes to every concert with a sign saying 'I need free ticket'. She often gets in. What you don't know is that she collects numerous 'free' tickets and sells them on to fund her Bob obsession. She should be avoided like the plague. I saw her on both nights in London.

Bring on Birmingham tonight, let's hope there's more random stuff going on.

While you're waiting for me to return with news of Birmingham, please read my review of Neon Bible.

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Paolo Vites said...

# 5: interesting.

Will said...

I still can't believe how great It's Alright Ma was.

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