Monday, March 06, 2006

But he was famous long ago

My last post which had a link to MC Hammer's interesting blog made me wonder if there were any other blogs of note out there that were written by famous people. By the way, MC Hammer's goal is to connect with Hammer fans world wide. This is his blogger personal profile:
"I'm an ordinary man, who has lived an extraordinary life. I have been to Japan, Russia, Korea, Hong Kong, Egypt, Germany, Spain, Australia, Singapore, Puerto Rico, every state in America including Alaska and Hawaii. I have met and dined with Presidents and Sultans, and Princes. Most and above all I have met God. "
Anyways, enough of MC Hammer, let's turn to the other celebrities who are blogging. Alec Baldwin has one on a website called the Huffington Post. No wonder they ripped him to shreds in Team America. Barbara Streisand also has a very political blog as well, although she doesn't seem to be arsed because she hasn't updated it since 2003. But she either has an amazing attention to detail and strong knowledge of the issues...or a very good secretary.
Flea from the Red Hot Chilli Peppers has one on basketball. This is somewhat bizarre - It's a bit like Morrissey writing a column on football. Just because you're famous doesn't mean that your point of view is more valid. Staying with the sports theme (well...), Mark Foley is a pro-wrestler with the WWE and has a brilliant grasp of grammar - his blog is entitled Foley is Blog.
William Shatner has another great blog. In it he speaks of selling his Kidney Stones. Wow! The website looks like it has been written by someone with ADD but who also likes Sci-Fi. He is also "very excited" about his new DVD club. As I am sure we all are.
Perhaps the best blog by a celebrity is Kevin Smith's blog. He is Silent Bob and wrote loads of cool films like Clerks and Dogma and Jay & Silent Bob Strikes Back. He is busy working on Clerks II. There's loads of info and photos too. A very good professional blog. All other celebrity bloggers should take tips from Kevin Smith. He could even form his own celbrity IT consultancy. This blog is also hilarious, almost as funny as his films.
In my research I also came across the disturbing Celebrity babies blog which chronicles the adventures of famous people's babies in a crazy, stalking fashion. This is wrong in so many ways.

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