Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I ran right home and I went to bed

I've come back from holiday where of course I had an amazing time. It's quite funny because everyone asks you about your holiday but you never really can convey in words how good it was.
The trip home was very long and boring, in fact it took about 20-odd hours and I was in the very bizarre situation of trying to work out why it was going to take so long but could never get my head around the figures properly. It was one of those very weird things to do with time zones and days and nights and hours and minutes. It didn't help that in the UK the clocks changed for the summer as well, just to mess with my mind that little bit more.
Today I am posting because yesterday I was jet lagged, and it is only really now that I realise that i'm back in London. At lunch as I was crossing the street this guy with such an evil expression on his face was driving a white van and beeping his horn. It was at this precise moment, that I realised that I was back from holiday and that i was in London...quite depressing that some overweight scumbag of a man awoke me from my jetlagged state and pushed me into the life of an ordinary office worker in London. Oh well, just counting down the days until next year now....
When I was away some more articles of mine were published on rockbeatstone: a review of Jenny Lewis' new album and a review of Ryan Adam's 29.

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