Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Roll, Willie, Roll

Sausage rolls....love it.

Time for a tribute to possibly the best food ever: the sausage roll. I have just had one for lunch. One cannot deny that this is truly the king of foods. Especially at parties. In fact in a vote on the the BBC it came in fifth place for best party food. This must be wrong. I sense some underhand tactics from the evil, ever expanding, crisp industry.
The sausage roll is great because it tastes equally as good cold or hot. Its pastry coating allows it to be eaten with hands and the sausage in the middle can be delightful. In fact i'm sure it's something that Jamie Oliver has done to perfection somewhere. I'd look if I was bothered, but you see the key thing is that one can rip open the package and scoff a sausage roll down or create them from scratch and they would both taste excellent. This is perhaps one of the only foods where manufactured tastes as good as home made.
Ladies and gentlemen, please put your hands together for the sausage roll.

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