Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Well my heart's in the Highlands wherever I roam

Whilst travelling on the bus this weekend, I looked up at the adverts and saw an advert for ScotsCare. This is a charity that helps Scottish people who live in London. Now I am not being xenophobic and I have no hatred of the Scots, but what the hell? Why do they need a charity? There are people in need in London from all over the world, for christ's sake. As far as I can tell Irn Bru is widely available. What is the point? They even speak the same language (well almost). If anyone wants to get back to me and justify the existance of this charity, then please feel free to do so.


Anonymous said...

It's not for all Scots. Just the ones who fall on hard times (English speaking or not). I don't know why you're so vitriolic about it. I'm sure there are other groups who support their less fortunate members and it takes pressure off social services. I also don't think a charity that doesn't draw on public funds needs to be "justified".

Simon said...
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Anonymous said...

Some reports state that there are over 340,000 Scottish people living in London and over 10% (34,000) of them need help to stay in London.
I cannot understand why these particular people stay in a place where they have no family, few friends, a non-existent career and for some, no home.
If Scotscare doesn't already do so, why can't they help these people to return to Scotland? It's not as though they are been deported to a place with an unstable political situation (as with some homeless people in London) and I'm sure that some will have families and friends up there to assist them. I know a number of Scots who I get on with (some of them even agree with me!) and I'm sorry if this sounds brutal but shouldn't they sort out their personal circumstances in Scotland before they come to London?

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