Friday, November 10, 2006

In the bathroom

Apparently, according to this BBC News report around 4 million Brits have a phobia of toilets. It was this story that sparked an amazing tale of life in the 21st century.

A female friend of one of my workmates who is American went to meet her then boyfriend’s parents for the first time (now they are engaged). She was very nervous and asked where the ‘bathroom’ was. Being American, she of course meant ‘toilet’, but the parents thought she meant the bathroom (as in the room where the bath is).

Of course she goes up and there’s no toilet, but is too embarrassed to go back downstairs to ask where the lavatory is, so decides to pee in the sink. As she climbs to the sink, dropping her trousers and underwear, the sink comes away from the wall and she falls and knocks herself unconscious on the bath.

The family then hear this enormous noise and have to knock the door to the bathroom down only to find this young American girl sprawled on the floor unconscious with her knickers and trousers around her ankles and broken china from the sink covered in piss.

But this embarrassing episode didn't stop them getting engaged, I wonder if this story will come up in the speeches during the wedding?

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Paolo Vites said...

everytime i visit your beautiful country, i wonder why you UK people dont have a bidet in your toilets

James K said...

Because us Brits are too reserved to talk about things like that. Bidets rule.

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