Friday, November 24, 2006

Poor boy 'neath the stars that shine

I saw another celebrity in the street this lunchtime, the one and only Griff Rhys Jones who used to do 'Smith & Jones' with Mel Smith on BBC television. Classic 70s/80s/90s/00s comedy (I think they keep doing xmas specials and stuff)

This now adds to my other celebrity sightings: Liz Hurley (amazingly beautiful in real life – it’s not just the photographers making her look good) standing outside a hotel before attending her launch party for a new shoe range she was designing. Bobby Gillespie of Primal Scream walking around Holborn. Edith Bowman (BBC radio presenter and TV presenter of BBC’s coverage of festivals like Glastonbury) who is very short at the end of an Arctic Monkeys concert in Brixton Academy. Peaches Geldof at another gig in Brixton being refused a drink at the bar. Finally, and perhaps my best spot, someone who looked very much like Salman Rushdie at Dylan’s concert in Cardiff in 2006, although he probably wouldn't want me to publicise where he was.

I could have been a paparazzi in another life.

I haven’t seen these guys in the street yet, but I bet Kasabian would walk down the street with confidence, swagger and style. Read a review of their recent album, Empire.

Po' Boy

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Paolo Vites said...

i can give you my 3 encounters with bob dylan for just one encounter with liz hurley anytime

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