Monday, November 06, 2006

To tell about my troubled mind

Some things that have troubled my mind this weekend...

How is it that Bruce Springsteen can write such amazing songs about New Jersey? He turns this industrial wasteland into a romantic, beautiful world inhabited by the most amazing misfits and characters. Now essentially the UK equivalent would be Teesside. Anyone who’s been to Teesside will know how impossible it would be to turn it into a romantic place and the only characters you'd find there would be heroin addicts, prostitutes and fat unemployed chavs.

Who in the hell would want to buy a Baywatch series one boxset for £49.99? I mean the only reason you would want it is for the boobies, and you can get Pamela Anderson’s sex tape over the internet if you look hard enough. And for free!

Is there a more beautiful guitar solo than at the end of Ashes of American Flags on Wilco’s live CD Kicking Television ? It is a lingering, melodic beautiful, restrained solo which you never want to end and fits the song perfectly. I could listen to that solo all day long.

Walkin' Down the Line

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Will said...

Got Being There the other week, which I've been meaning to buy for the last eight years. Very good.

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