Thursday, November 30, 2006

Sister, lemme tell you about a vision I saw (#1)

Visions that encapsulate London – #1: Sick Pigeons

I hope that this will become a regular feature of my blog. I will be showcasing life in London through small moments that people see and often forget. I hope that these will be relevant to those who live in London and also to those who only know the UK capital as a tourist destination.

Today while taking a fag break at work, I saw a disgusting sight. A pigeon was happily eating away at a pile of mouldy vomit that someone had kindly left on the pavement for someone else to clean-up. It was a vision that encapsulates two problems with London. Firstly, the pigeon population. They are evil vermin and flying rats and should be killed to stop the spread of disease. They also abuse children, as the photo shows. Secondly, our binge drinking problem. How many piles of sick do you regularly see in the street on the way home from a nice Saturday night down the pub? It's a frigtening thought, I wonder how many piles (or litres) of vomit are cleaned up on London's streets every year? I don't know the answer but it's probably loads.

Precious Angel

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Paolo Vites said...

we have pigeons all over even here... i'd kill 'em all

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