Monday, March 05, 2007

Boys in the street beginning to play

So my gig night (Backstreets at the Windmill) got underway to a flying start. We were lucky with the last minute addition of Prinzhorn Dance School and unlucky with the rain. But overall I think everyone had fun. The night was part of an idea to promote the magazine I write for, Rockbeatstone.

It was incredibly stressful at the start…technical problems meant a delayed start but we managed to make up time pretty quickly. First on was Adam Killip from my favourite London based band, the Tailors. He did a solo set of bittersweet songs, some hilarious, some just simply moving. A brilliant and genuine guy, his band’s record is out today. I think all of you should look this band up they’re great. I’d also like to thank him as without him none of this would have been possible.

Elks were on next and they simply rocked the place. Including a grand finale where the guitar player moved into the crowd. They certainly were getting into it with passion battling jet lag and illness at the same time. Red Fishes were on after Elks and they too played an amazing set, Chaz, singer and guitarist is a great Bob Dylan fan and we spoke about our passion for his music at length after the show. They’re playing some gigs in April around London so please do go and see them if you have the chance.

The Furies are possibly the most rock and roll guys I’ve ever met. They spent much of the soundcheck time chatting up any female in the room. I’ve got a brilliant picture with one of them winking while he has his arm around my mate Steve’s fiancĂ©e. They quite simply rocked. They’ve certainly got the attitude down to a tee. ‘Money’ is a great rock and roll song too.

Finally, Prinzhorn Dance School, those last minute additions came to the stage. Another great set from them, they were using this as a warm-up to their night at the Astoria with LCD Soundsystem and for a Saturday night gig at Scala. Some great guys, the girl bass-player (I can’t remember her name) seems to be too sweet for rock and roll! A lovely girl, I just hope the industry doesn’t destroy her. Very friendly and chatty, she seemed to be so excited and thanked me for letting them play by giving me a massive and unexpected hug which just felt lovely. There are some people who are just great at giving hugs!

Finally, Rockbeatstone contributors Jamie and Will played a DJ set into the early hours of the morn which included ‘Power of Love’. I hated it (the song, not the rest of their set) but I’m glad that the entire room seemed to be dancing along. A great set from these first time DJs and I'd like to publicly thank them.

At the end of the night, I was sitting with a beer, lost in my own thoughts at the ridiculousness of it all. There were couples left/right/centre getting off with each other which made me laugh. Perhaps my gig night started some meaningful romances. Or maybe it just helped a few people have some drunken fun? But I couldn't help but feel proud looking at all the people having fun around me.

I certainly never felt that I could have done this a few months ago. My thoughts about this came out of the blue, it was just something that I felt I wanted to do and I just buckled down and organised it. Although stressful I had the best feeling after the night was up. I felt on top of the world and to be honest it’s been a long time since I’ve felt like that.

Here’s to the next night, when I’ve recovered slightly and thought about who I’d like to play. I hope you can make it next time. Finally, thanks to the Windmill for trusting me to put on my gig night!

'Till I fell in Love With You


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Photos please!

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congrats jimmy

next time i might be there too

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