Friday, March 23, 2007

Sister, lemme tell you about a Vision I Saw (#4)

Visions that encapsulate London. #4 - Estate Agents

Back to my rants about London. In the space of three days a shop space near my office has been turned into an estate agent. Just last week it was an art gallery.

I’ve written about estate agents before and how I hate them and their ways, they seem to be popping up everywhere. They are full of complete and utter tossers, out there trying to make an easy commission. What a load of bollocks. Says it all that an art gallery has made way for these bastards.

But they’re spreading like a virus, attacking the vital areas of London. What was a nice street in Bloomsbury with a ‘village-feel’ to it has instantly been cheapened by the addition of Wanker, Tosser & Sons, or whatever they are called, at the expense of an artists gallery. Sure the gallery was exclusively for the mega-rich but it was part of the street’s character. Now we’ve got white walls and trendy computer screens, with stupidly expensive houses in the window that no-one can afford.

And it’s the same all over London, it seems as if the British obsession with property is killing the soul of our local communities. I hope that there’s a housing crash so the buggers can be brought down to earth and some of these estate agents can one day be replaced by bookshops, record shops, and art galleries. I know that this realistically isn’t going to happen anytime soon, if at all, but one can dream.


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