Thursday, March 15, 2007

Come you Masters of Gwar


In case you were wondering, I’m not ill or anything, I’ve just been busy at work this week, so haven’t had much time to update. I’ve also been busy helping out with rockbeatstone’s new website (coming soon…) and putting things in place for the second of my gig nights, Backstreets.

Today I am seeing the second best live band in the world today, Arcade Fire. I am very excited by this, it will be amazing.

However, tomorrow, for some unknown reason (well, a friend twisted my arm), I am going to see a band called Gwar at the Mean Fiddler in central London. In case you haven’t heard of them, here is how they are described on the venue’s website:

“The band is best known for their elaborate sci-fi/horror film inspired costumes; raunchy, obscene, politically incorrect lyrics; and graphic stage performances.”

They are on their “Europe Must Be Destroyed” leg of their “Beyond Hell 2007 World Tour”. When the term “graphic stage performances” is used it means that they cut off each other’s limbs and the crowd get drenched in fake blood. They also have a massive penis which fires fake urine and semen into the crowd. Last time my friend saw them, they opened with a freak show. This concert is going to rock like no other.

You can check out Gwar here at their website, or as they call it, ‘The Official Cyber-Fortress of Your Lords and Masters, Gwar’.

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