Monday, March 19, 2007

Next to come was the old gray cat, Uh-huh

I watched the most amazing programme of all time on television last night. No it is not ‘the Sopranos’ or ‘Match of the Day’ but ‘Meerkat Manor’.

It’s an animal documentary about a group of Meerkat’s (surprisingly enough). And it is more addictive than crack. It’s truly brilliant and showcases the amazing social interactions between these creatures. The commentary is also absolutely hilarious. Once over, you just want to find out what’s happening to these creatures.

I highly recommend it. Sunday nights 6pm, BBC two. Watch it and you will be won over. There are clips on the official fan site of Meerkat Manor, as well as games, etc..


Will said...

I distinctly remember an amazing documentary about Meercats from my youth. Is this the same, or is it a new one?

James K said...

No i think it's a new one, it's a series.

Check me out, if you dare