Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Well, it can't be no guitar player

At the weekend I went to the Gibson Guitar photo exhibition at Blink Gallery in Poland Street, Soho. It was great, but as usual I wanted to buy lots of the photos on display, but again I didn’t have the required £1,000 to £2,000 spare. This exhibition is to celebrate one of the greatest guitar manufacturers in the world.

Essentially, loads of rock stars with their Gibson guitars. There were photos of Slash, the Beatles, the Stones, Jimi, the Who, Dylan, Jack White, BB King and U2 and even the Travelling Willburys (which was a bargain at £650! Four stars for the price of less than one!). But what most perplexed me was the inclusion of a recent Madonna playing a guitar. What the fuck is all that about? And she was more expensive than some of the other photos on display. Her photo should have cost about 80p. She now looks like some old tranny-whore.

See some of the photos below. For more photos and details, see their website here. It is definitely worth visiting if you have a spare moment.

Call Letter Blues

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Call Letter Blues! Good skills!

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