Friday, January 27, 2006

The Best Words I could Write

If you click on the 'next blog' button on the top right silver bar it automatically takes you to a random blog. It is how I get most of my traffic on this blog. But I thought that I could use this tool to discover just who writes a blog and why and in the process draw some meaningful conclusions on life.

The first blog I come across is rum and coke please a website written by a pregnant English woman which seems to consist of details of all the stuff she is buying for her kid and various other tales which seem disgusting to me. Tedious, but then I'm not the target audience.
The second site is Daniel Reed's Cemetary Blog. From life to death I suppose. This blog is interesting in that Daniel Reed is attempting to create a forum for an exchange of ideas within his industry. It's just a shame that he happens to be in the funeral industry. No one has bothered to answer him so far, so I guess that means that the industry is not as open to debate and discussion as he expected.
Next up is Liberal Woman, which I guess is stereotypical in that it contains politics. Nice rants from Libby who also slags off her president. It also has a very nice font and format if you ask me. From the other end of the political/life/blog spectrum is Things found on Bam's Heart/Mind/Desk. Now this blog is indeed as troubling as the title suggests. It presents Bam's news and updates on his fasting. Unfortunately he tends to write things like this:
So, I am in day three of NO food. It has been truly a neat experience. "What's that" you say? "Having no food is NEAT?"Well yes. First of all, I feel like I am closer to God. When I start to feel hungry, I hear that little voice in the back of my mind saying, "go ahead. Go ahead and have a bite won't hurt. Why are you doing this anyway? You don't need to prove anything." That is a dangerous voice. Even though that little voice sometimes shouts, I have been able to deny it. I have been able to shut the door on turn, keeping me closer to God.
Anyways I think that this goes to show that Blogs present a little of the boring, a little of the strange, a little of the political and a little of the fundamentalist Christian. Much like everyday life one could say.

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