Friday, January 20, 2006

I'm gonna win my way to wealth and fame

Lottery fever has gripped the UK and probably all of Europe. The Euro millions jackpot is an estimated £85 million for tonight's draw. But best of all is the fact that Colleen McLoughlin is supporting the draw.
For those that don't know, Colleen McLoughlin is Wayne Rooney's fiance. She is 'famous' for shopping a lot and appearing in the gossip columns of newspapers like the Sun, the Daily Star and the Daily Mirror. Quite why the National Lottery would want to get the support of a footballer's wife is beyond me. I mean why does it even need her? Are people now going to read her statement and think that maybe yes they will now play the lottery? She certainly has some insightful comments:
I've got my fingers crossed for a UK winner - if they strike lucky on Friday night, think of the position they'll be playing in the rich list league table.
Why is it that there are so many celebrity endorsements for all ranges of business? Pamela Anderson is against KFC and supporting PETA. Boyband Busted prefer 'the Tory way of thinking', John Cleese shouted alot for Sainsbury's and ex-football star and TV presenter Gary Linker promotes 'junk' food (Walkers Crisps). When will people learn that it does more harm than good and turns people off? I couldn't care less than so or so shops here or supports this or does that. I hope a bulgarian peasant wins it so we don't have to have any more future celebrity endorsements for games of luck.
BTW: In case you're wondering, I did get a ticket. If I win, i'll pay Colleen McLoughlin to keep her mouth shut in the future.

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