Thursday, January 26, 2006

Call me any name you like

same name - not the same face

The internet is great. It allows me to undertake some amateur genealogy, which quite simply would have been impossible/boring 10 years ago. Coupled with this information I am also able to look back at my life and see where I went wrong and what I could be doing.

Doing a google search for 'Ketchell' first of all. I could have owned either a construction company or a sports science clinic. The sports science clinic trains people to do mental stuff like the Ironman. The construction company doesn't seem to be doing much at the moment, although I like the logo and layout. It seems that as an entrepreneur I could have been a builder or ripped off rich people who like to inflict pain upon their lives through physical excesses.
A more detailled search for 'James Ketchell' reveals that I live in Wimbledon, London, just down the road from me and that I'm into IT (big time). This means that I am a geek. The photo above will say more than these words, I feel. Still if you're ever in need of IT solutions get in contact with James Ketchell.
I apparently also drive in the Gumball Rally every year. Now this really is something that I would like to do. Here is a photo of my inexpensive sports car. It appears that the various companies that I own have allowed me to waste money on a fast car and take copious amounts of time off.

My car - babe magnet

I also particpate in body building competitions, but i don't do very well unfortunately. But the added combination of sports car and greased up abs helped me bag a wife, Debroah Ketchell who is Associate Dean for Knowledge Management and Director of Lane Library Stanford University School of Medicine.

So to summarise - I am a builder who also owns a sports science clinic. I'm into IT, drive luxury sports cars in the Gumball rally and in my spare time participate in body building competitions. My wife is an academic at Stanford University. But there is something else, i forgot to mention. I am either 179 years old or dead (the latter I should think). I was apparently born in Lurgashall, Sussex, England in 1827. Even with the internet you can't have it all.

Farewell Angelina

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