Sunday, January 29, 2006

With faces hidden while the walls were tightening

I went to see an excellent film today called Cache (Hidden in its translated form). Its a French film and is proof that you don't need $3 billion, special effects and Nicole Kidman to make a good thriller. All you need is a strong plot, a good script and excellent actors. The emotional intensity of this film is such that you come out of the cinema feeling drained and more tired than if you'd ran the London Marathon.

Of course the comments by the other cinema-goers on the way out were, as always, priceless. "It's good but there was too much dialogue". Without wishing to sound like a snob, I think some people just can't get films like this. Another good thing about this film was the fact that you left the cinema with more questions than you had when you entered it.

In other me news, read my review of Michael Franti's album Stay Human at rockbeatstone.

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