Wednesday, January 25, 2006

They're selling postcards of the hanging

Recent allegations that Mark Oaten was visiting rent boys has highlighted a new trend in politics that I find quite disturbing. No longer are issues important.

We have become obsessed with sleaze and lies. We don’t care that Tony Blair took us into an illegal and immoral war. But if he had sexual relations with another woman then he would be hung out to dry.

We are obsessed with the supposed misdemeanours, lies, sleaze, corruption and unmentionable acts but seem to forget about the politics. In a world where the US and Britain are 'bringing' freedom and democracy to the Middle East its about time that the people of these two countries started respecting their own freedom and democracy.

At the end of the day we as a society enjoy the circus of a public hanging and I for one find this barbaric, backward and a continuing reason why I feel more and more 'turned off' by politics. Politics should be about ideas and issues - not personal deficiencies and moral superiority.

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