Monday, February 06, 2006

But I've been sniffin' too many eggs

Ruth Kelly, the education secretary has been egged. Not once but twice. She was turning up at a trial where she was supposed to give evidence against a man who had previously egged her. She was then egged again, in a counter-strike so impressive that even Iraqui insurgents would have had problems dodging.
The original egg throwing incident is alledged to have been another one of the brilliant plans made by Fathers4Justice. They recently disbanded after plans to capture and take hostage Tony Blair's child were leaked. The new egging incident is reportedly the work of RealFathers4Justice a separitst group who have obviously modelled their name on the 'Real IRA'.
But another news report suggests that Mrs Kelly has more to do with the IRA than she may care to think about. Her grandfather was interned as an IRA Quartermaster in the 1920s on the SS Argenta, a prison barge, which much like Guantanamo today is alleged to have been home to horrific acts of torture. She may want to think that one through as the Labour party seem not too keen in raising Guantanamo with the UK's special Friend, the United States of America.
But Ruth Kelly is a member of Opus Dei so she may well be happy having such conflicting views. I mean she is in a supposedly Labour government yet endorses anti-contraception, anti-abortion, and anti-stem cell research through her faith.
In other news...
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Will said...

Hold on, in your review, you group Maximo, Kaisers, Futureheads and Arctics together because of their "regional" accents! They're from Newcastle, Leeds, Sunderland and Sheffield!

James K said...

Yes 'regional', they are from different regions and are proud to sing in their normal accents. I didn't say that they had the same regional accent.

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