Thursday, February 16, 2006

There's just as much danger in a football game

Where has football gone wrong?

Last night I watched Bolton Wanderers vs Olympique Marseille in the UEFA cup. It was dire, there was no-one there and the match was as defensive as it seems. Channel Five were trying to make it into some big event, when it so blatently wasn't. Even Bolton's manager seemed embarrassed with Five's coverage.
When I was a kid UEFA cup football was amazing. The second best thing after the champions cup. But what has happened recently with the creation of the Champions League is that the UEFA cup means nothing, no matter how much they tart it up with group stages, etc.. It will now always play second fiddle to the Champions League.
But I remember the thrill of seeing minnows Brondby beat Real Madrid! And in person seeing Tony Yeboah score a hat-trick against Monaco when I lived in France. Nowadays, i'm not sure i'd consider paying to go and see the UEFA cup. Last night there was some blatant bad referring, some dodgy dives and some primadonnas thinking that they were the bees knees. Even in my lifetime, this has become more and more recurrent.
Just got me thinking that's all. There's an older guy I know who keeps saying that money have destroyed the two things he likes in life: football and music. He is probably right. Even i'm begining to think it. Perhaps i'm just getting old?

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