Monday, February 27, 2006

Well, sometimes I might get drunk

Binge drinking..bad for your health

I got really drunk this weekend.

First of all I went out to Chingford in Essex to see a friend and did what is termed by the media as 'binge drinking'. Interesting fact: Chingford is where the Kray Brothers are burried.
Then on Saturday I went to Living in Brixton to my friend Jamie's birthday party and did another spot of 'binge drinking'. Sunday I woke up and had the worst hanghover ever. FACT. Isn't it funny that everytime one gets a hangover, it seems to be the worst thing ever and you say to yourself that you won't drink ever again but you always do...
Anyway, hope all my regular readers had a good weekend (yes all 78,256 of you!). If you're bored at work then check out my super-exciting reviews. First of all here's a piece on Johnny Cash and the Walk the Line film. Then there's my review of the Magic Numbers gig at Brixton and finally my review of Maximo Park and the Arctic Monkeys live and in person also at Brixton Academy.

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