Friday, February 24, 2006

I saw the morning papers but I could not bear to see

The Daily Express is possibly the worst English newspaper ever. As part of my job I have to read it everyday. It is so god damn depressing. On the banner it even says such obvious rubbish as "the world's greatest newspaper". Quite how they've come to this conclusion is another issue.
In today's paper there is a piece entitiled 'Is Britain is the New Germany?'. In this monumental work, the journalist (Leo McKinsstry) comes up with a load of crap. Apparently "teutonic-style officialdom threatens our national identity" and "even our traditional sense of humour is being destroyed". The article hinges on the fact that political correctness is destroying the british way of life and that we are now share the same national characteristics as Germany.
It is such a brilliant piece for the Express. It has Germany (still some hatred as result of the war), political correctness and Europe all rolled into one devastating piece. Fortunately only a few privileged (irony) readers will be able to have the pleasure of reading this. It's good to know that a newspaper which passes this piece off as serious journalism is one of the smallest papers in the land. Thank christ for that. I think the Daily Express is awful and urge you to boycott it until it goes bust. I know that the massive readership of my blog can control the destiny of one of Britain's most hideous newspapers (joke).

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