Monday, February 20, 2006

It rolls and flows all down her breast

I can't believe I missed this news from last week. Some Australian mentalist has decided that she has to paint with her boobs. Apparently she signs every picture with her nipple. Unfortunately the article has no examples of her pictures, or indeed any photos of her creating.
In other news, I saw the most famous band in the world at the moment, the Arctic Monkeys on Friday. It was amazing. But what was even more amazing are the amount of celebrities who were in attendance. I saw Peaches Geldof, looking like a spoilt little lady at the bar, and Edith Bowman on her way out who was as lovely as she seems on TV and the radio, being very nice to us and telling us how great the gig was.
Last week was a bit of a celebrity fest for me as I also saw Liz Hurley going into some hotel. There were loads of Paparazzi who were taking a break from being professional scumbags by queing up in an orderly fashion to take many pictures of the lovely Liz. Wow! I hear you think, what a cool, connected guy. I wish I visited the hair salon because I would no doubt be the coolest person there.
Also, if you're bored at work and a fan of Wilco and music DVDs, please read my review of Wilco's music DVD, 'I Am Trying to Break Your Heart' at Music for Grown Ups.

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